Online Market Research: Tailor-Made, Effective and Efficient

Online market research is now an essential part of the research sector. The digitization makes it possible that data will be gleaned from various online channels. Online research is increasingly chosen for. Via this research method it is possible to collect a lot of information in a short time. Motivaction has the means in house to carry out qualitative as well as quantitative research online.

What is online market research?

With online market research a wealth of information can be gathered in a short time. Thanks to the technological developments almost all researched methods are applied. Motivaction has its own online panel StemPunt, naturally you can also supply your own email addresses or database.

Why online market research?

With online qualitative and quantitative research it is possible to observe consumers in their own environment, without them feeling hindered by a researcher.

How does it work in practice?

  • Online qualitative market research: In a closed online environment we bring a group of people together under the supervision of a moderator to brainstorm, test products or to have discussions with each other. By following citizens or consumers for a long period (from one week to one year), a more direct insight into what they really think and do, and why, exists.
  • Online quantitative market research: The panel was founded in 2002 and consists of around 65.000 panel members (reference date: September 2014). We approach the active panel members by email and Facebook for research. We use the panel for representative research among the Dutch population from 15-70 years. In addition, we take random surveys from the panel for research under a wide scale of specific target groups, such as ethnic and business. Much profile data is known from our panel members.


What does it offer you?

  • In-depth insight into behavior, motivations and needs of your target group.
  • Practical deployable consultancy.
  • Online customer panel can be deployed at any time.
  • Reliable and valid data which is representative for specific target groups.
  • Enrich research results with Mentality profile, socio-demographic info and previous research results.


Online market researches approach

  • Big Data: turn your data into specific actions.
  • Customer Journey Mapping: Highlights the conscious and subconscious moments of truth so that you understand the customer experience better.
  • DesignNavigation: allows you to quickly and cost-effectively simplify the choice process with a packaging design.
  • Digitality: Highlights online behavior via value segmentation.
  • E-Safari: Follow more live days of the experience of your consumers by way of creative assignments
  • Facebook Research : Motivaction’s XS Facebook tool approaches your fans in a focused way for research.
  • Customer Panel: Makes it possible to carry out research oneself among your own customers.
  • Mobile Questionnaire: Reach a random survey at the right moment and at the right location
  • Motivaction Communities: Is a research platform where in addition to knowledge also the expertise of participants is made visible.
  • StemPunt: your target group always available online for all your questions.
  • XS5 Research Software: The tool to carry out independent online research. 

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