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Customer Journey Mapping: Customer Experience is Key

12 July 2016

There are many ways in which a (potential) customer can get in touch with your organization. Whether it is through your website, a newsletter, social media or an employee; all moments of contact where things can go right or wrong.

With customer journey mapping you map all these possible moments. You visualize the (buying)process from the customers’ perspective and can then see where improvements are possible in your customer service.


How to you create a customer journey map?

By mapping the unique customer journey for your organization you know when the best times are to influence the customers’ opinion. We use six steps to create a customer journey map:


  1. Create a tailor-made Customer Journey Model

You need to make sure that everyone understands why a customer journey map is being made. You need to know to where important knowledge on the customer is still lacking, so that you can research those phases specifically. Develop a tailor-made customer journey model and decide whether the focus should be on emotions or touchpoints, and which research method is most appropriate to answer your questions.


  1. Know and understand your target audience

It is essential to know whose customer journey you are mapping. In other words, you need to know which (type of) customers you wish to reach.


  1. Use data and behavior

The best customer journey -analyses are created through a combination of comprehensive qualitative research and quantitative tests. Depending on the research question, determine whether you should first perform an exploratory study to gather insights that will then be presented and tested in an online questionnaire, or if you start with a large-scale data analysis, for instance. Other possible research methods are e-Safari, Innerworld, focus groups and single interviews.


  1. Focus on emotions

You really reach people once you get through to them emotionally. For example, by surprising them in a positive way, by challenging them or by moving them. In customer journey mapping, emotion is the most important component. It allows us to search for “moments of truth” in the customer journey: a moment where the organization/brand can excel and thereby make a difference for the customer.


  1. Provide context

A customer journey map instantly creates a clear overview, but also still needs an explanation. A proper understanding of the context is important as a customer journey is never isolated: it always happens in the real world. Years of research experience and our sector-specific expertise allows us to share our understanding of the underlying customer journey context with you.


  1. Taking the next step

You have your customer map, but the journey doesn’t end there. You need to apply the research results to the real world! We can help you align the results with the objectives and (practical) possibilities within your organization.  


If you are interested in our Customer Journey Mapping or wish to receive additional information, do not hesitate to reach out to us!



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