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Concept and Pretest – Predict the Effectiveness of Your Campaign

12 July 2016

Optimize your communication strategy from the concept stage and onwards

The way people process advertisements can be compared to incidental learning, learning without being aware of it of without a conscious motivaction to learn. It also corresponds with conditioning, learning unconsciously and automatically. 

Issues with communication often happen because images, sounds or text fail to recognize the way in which people process information. That is why you need to research the effectiveness of your campaign before you launch it. During our in-depth interviews with consumers we can discover to extent to which an advertisement actually conveys te desires message by looking at the way it is presented.


Test your campaign and the effect it creates

With fast and small-scale qualitative research we test five basic dimensions which are decisive for the effectiveness of your campaign (concept):

  • Impact value

Does the advertisement attract the attention of the right audience? Does it stand out among the large number of advertising impulses?

  • Emotional value

Does the advertisement cause emotion within the viewer? Is there an emotional element which allows people to watch for longer and better remember the message?

  • Message delivery

Does the advertisement form a good overall picture and is the aim of the advertisement effectively communicated to the viewer?

  • Authentic

Is the message authentic and does it match the current opinions people hold about the brand?

  • Subjective importance

Does the advertisement ensure that the viewer becomes curious? Does it stimulate the target group to purchase? Does the message of an advertisement match a certain need structure?


 What does it offer you?

  • You gain insight into the potential communication value of campaign concepts with a high level of predictability
  • You get pointers for further development of the concepts with practical tips and suggestions for improvement


Would you like to know more about concept and pretest? Please get in touch.



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