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Corporate Image and Performance Analysis

14 July 2016

Positioning issues

In 2010, many age-old certainties got rattled. We see many organizations asking themselves who they are, what they stand for and how their customers experience them. Organizations are redefining their core values and are questioning to what degree these are identified, considered a good fit for the organization and recognized as such.


What is CIPA research?

With Corporate Image and Performance Analysis research we map how internal and external target groups view and value your organization. In addition, the research brings to light how far the real-life image is removed from the ideal image formulated by the organization’s management. If gaps between internal and external or ideal and real images appear, we will look for opportunities to clarify and reduce them.

How does it work in practice?

In CIPA research, we use a number of different techniques. First, we’ll hold brainstorm sessions to find out what the organization’s ideal self-image is. Then, we’ll hold group discussions with both internal and external focus groups to find out what they really think about the organization. Finally, we’ll conduct quantitative research in order to test and validate the image that came to light and to get insight into performance and satisfaction.


How will a Corporate Image and Performance Analysis benefit your organization?

Through CIPA you will gain in-depth insight into your organization’s positioning, including all of its strong and weak elements. The results will help you fine tune and adjust your company’s image. You can apply the results in your communication policy, such as labor market communication, and internal branding.


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