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Innovation and Product Development with ConceptFactory

12 July 2016

With innovations, it is important that the wishes and needs of the target group are applied optimally. Consumer insights increase the chance of a successful launch. In addition, a product or service that is supported by the target group has a longer lifespan. Motivaction helps you to optimise the chances of successful product development and innovations within the organisations by using various research methods and creative workshops.

In the development process in a ConceptFactory, we start with the client's needs. We involve your target group in the entire process. In this way, with our help and in co-creation with your client, you will develop a successful new product, an even better customer journey or a better optimized service.

How does it work?
A ConceptFactory trajectory consists of several steps. You can choose for the whole trajectory or only the steps that are relevant for you. During the entire process, we apply Design Thinking principles and tools.

Step 1: Collect Insights. Motivaction works with insights that are driven by propositions. On the basis of qualitative research, we formulate insights that have an actual client need. These insights form the basis for the concepts that will be developed later on.

Step 2: Concept Development. In creative sessions we develop ideas for new products, services or campaigns together with you (and possibly in co-creation sessions with your target group). These ideas offer a solution to the previously found insights. We develop the best ideas into concrete concepts.

Step 3: ConceptCraft. We submit the developed concepts to your target group in qualitative research to test whether the ideas are relevant, clear, attractive and distinctive. Based on the learnings, we refine the concepts between the qualitative sessions.

Step 4: ConceptScore. With a quantitative test under a representative sample, we make a final check on attractiveness, uniqueness, credibility and purchase intention. We compare the results of the ConceptScore with our benchmark. This provides a solid basis for a go or no go decision.


CoCreation studio
Our CoCreation Studio is optimally equipped for creative sessions, where you can brainstorm with your team or clients and work on the development of new ideas, concepts and products. The space is frequently used to work with clients to turn insights from research into concrete action points in the form of workshops. In setting up the studio, the architect has taken into account various elements that stimulate creativity on an unconscious level.


 What's in it for you?

  • Inspiration and insights that help you to put the customer even more at the centre of attention
  • Propositions that optimally meet the customer's needs and therefore have a higher success rate
  • An efficient development process with continuous sharpening of the proposition.


More information
Want to know more about ConceptFactory? Please contact Henriët Hensen or Margré Nijkamp.



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