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Chip & Run: efficient, creative and agile market research

08 June 2017

Pragmatic and effective qualitative research 

Most of the time, the golfer that plays beautifully is not the one that wins the match. 

When playing golf it looks nicer if you hit the ball with a beautiful bow. But as long as this is not functional, you are more likely to make mistakes. 

The Chip & Run swing is a goal oriented stroke technique, with which you chip to a green without any obstacles. Basic principle is to keep the golf ball as low as possible and rolling as much as possible. You have more control over a rolling ball than over a ball in the air. 

It is the same in the world of research. There you also, looking at the time and means available, once in a while choose for ad hoc qualitative research with a verbal debrief and toplines instead of a comprehensive research with an extensive and visual ornated final report.  


Agile market research 

Chip & Run is our agile way of working: flexible, with short lead times, a smart approach and efficiency. Sometimes you want to work quickly, sometimes you want a flexible research partner and sometimes you want to scrum. In the area of qualitative research we have three agile solutions.


1. Pressure cooker research, flexible time handling: get started immediately. In about a week, we conduct qualitative research from head to toe. From respondent selection to interviews, a comprehensive debrief or a top line report. This is especially useful when you have a short time-to-market and you want quick answers to your burning question. Testing your campaign or concept, flying a test balloon or having a product sampled, all can be done in a short space of time. We are flexible with timings and feedback methods: only a verbal debrief immediately after the end of the research, a topline the day after fieldwork, etc.


2. Smart and efficient, flexible handling of resources. Agile means not only faster, it is also dealing with the resources you have in a handy way and being flexible, move along. In addition to classical qualitative research, we use alternative research methods to answer your question in a useful way. With flexibility and efficiency as a starting point.

  • Think about surveys where your target group moves across the entire country. We can quickly and efficiently interview your target group with online face-to-face video interviewing: watch and ask.
  • Do you want to talk on-the-spot with your target group? In other words, where it happens? With our useful app, your target audience can provide comprehensive feedback everywhere, there where it happens. Convenient, for instance when you want to follow travelers using public transport, ask visitors at an event or activity for their opinion or when you want to know how a citizen experiences their city. There are a lot of examples where looking 'on the spot' is useful.


3. Co-creating, dealing with people flexibly. The research is completed, then what? We join your multidisciplinary team as a researcher during the later process – for example, the development of a proposition, campaign or concept – to brainstorm, give advice and, where necessary, contact the target group again for questions. This is not a defined path. You let us know when it is useful and necessary.


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