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Online Market Research: Tailor-Made, Effective and Efficient

12 July 2016

In recent years, online market research has become an essential part of the market research industry. Digitalization makes it possible to obtain data from various online channels, and to create a relevant dataset in a relatively short time. Because of this, online research is becoming increasingly popular. Motivaction conducts both qualitative and quantitative research online.


Why online market research?

Both qualitative and quantitative online research make it possible to observe the consumer’s behaviour in their own environment. The benefit of online versus offline research is that the respondents will not feel hindered, or affected, by the presence of a researcher.


How does online market research work?

  • Online qualitative research: under the supervision of a moderator a group of respondents is brought together in a closed, online environment. Here they will brainstorm, test products or engage in discussions. By studying individuals for a longer period of time (from one week to one year) you get direct insights into what and why they think and do.
  • Online quantitative research: our in-house StemPunt-panel was founded in 2002 and consists of more than 65.000 panel members. The panel is used for representative research in the Netherlands and can be reached via e-mail to ensure a quick start of any study. Because of the detailed information we have on our panellists, it is possible to generate extensive and quick results.


What does it offer you?

  • Comprehensive and useful insights into the behaviour, motivations and needs of your target audience
  • Reliable and valid data which is representative for specific target groups
  • The possibility to enrich data outcomes with, for example, Mentality-groups, socio-demographic information or previous research results


Online market researches approaches

  • Big Data: update your database with soft values such as motives, motivations and social interest to get more from your data and gain insights into your target audience
  • Customer Journey Mapping: map the bottlenecks in the customer journey to better your customer’s experience
  • e-Safari: virtually look into the lives of your target audience for one or two weeks to discover exactly how they use your product or service
  • Customer Panel: carry out tailor-made research among your own customers
  • Mobile Questionnaire: ask users to fill out your survey through their mobile, for example when they visit your event or walk around a certain area


Would you like to know more about online market research? Get in touch!


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