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Qualitative Research

12 July 2016

Qualitative research offers numerous insights into the motivations, needs, perceptions and emotions of individuals that determine and influence their behaviour and way of thinking. In today’s world, we are flooded with advertisements, products and services. Almost everything is for sale! It therefore becomes more difficult to effectively reach your target group, and more important to hit a nerve. If you fail to do so, you will be unable to reach (potential) consumers and influence their behaviour. To overcome these challenges, you need smart research, and sharp, experienced researchers who understand your target audience.


Our qualitative research team

We have expertise in qualitative, in-depth interviews and focus groups, online qualitative research with our community platform, respondent diaries or in-context observations, in-home interviews, short-term agile projects and in-depth ethnographic surveys. Each of our researchers specializes in at least one of these established research methods.

Our qualitative research tools

  • With e-Safari we virtually look into the lives of your target audience for one or two weeks to discover exactly how they use your product or service.
  • VisualFocus allows respondents to use their smartphone in the research room and makes them connect to their gut feelings. We can show results instantly on a screen which makes it a fun, visual and creative way to record spontaneous reactions and opinions.
  • Chip & Run is our agile way of working: flexible, short running times, a smart approach and more efficiency. When you want a flexible research partner, to work quickly or to scrum, we have three agile solutions.
  • Co-Creation enables you to develop new or improved product concepts, services or policy together with your (potential) target audience.
  • M-talk Communities bring a group of people together in an online environment and lets them brainstorm and discuss for a longer period of time, so you get insights into what they think and why they do so.
  • InnerWorld provides guided relaxation and visualization exercises to provide an understanding of consumers’ primary decision-making behaviour and subconscious perceptions.

Certain research objectives are best met by using a classic approach: individual in-depth interviews, duo interviews or focus groups are always customized and carried out efficiently and professionally.


In-house selection agency M-Select and our own research rooms

Our respondents are recruited and selected by our own in-house selection agency M-Select. Their large database contains significant background information and allows them to adjust the recruitment criteria to find suitable respondents for each research project.

Motivaction has its own research rooms to conduct qualitative research in. The studios feature state-of-the-art display and recording equipment. The adjacent viewing rooms, with one-way mirrors, accommodate up to six individuals. When more people are present it is always possible to follow the interviews via a closed TV circuit.


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