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XS research software

12 July 2016

Do your own research with XS

XS runs on a single-source Oracle database, supplied and managed by Motivaction. The software is available 24/7 and is hosted by a series of cost-effective and climate-neutral servers.


What can you do with XS software?

With XS you will have access to every state-of-the-art functionality you’ll need to conduct your own online research in a single web environment. With XS, you can:

  • Set up and manage panels
  • Program questionnaires
  • Do random surveys
  • Organize and monitor field work
  • Analyze results in real time

Additionally, the XS research software enables you to send newsletters and text messages, and to create a loyalty program for respondents. XS is available in Dutch and English and, upon request, can also be offered in other languages. Online questionnaires can be set up in nearly all languages and in-company styles.


How does XS work in practice?

You will receive your own personalized code to log into the XS research software. This software runs in an online environment, so you don’t need to install your own software. After a short training session by Motivaction you can work independently to program the questionnaires and other components of the XS software. The software was built using modules, which means you have access to research and components that are relevant to you. Optionally, we can expand the software with additional functionalities, such as custom-made report modules or additional question types.


How will XS benefit your organization?

With XS you can do independent online research among your panel members. You’ll be able to use advanced questionnaires (in Flash) via SSL-secured connections and containing dynamic elements such as videos and sound bites. Respondents also have the option to upload pictures. Via our web services, XS can be easily linked to respondent portals, systems, websites, and third-party databases.
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