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Exhibition test

12 July 2016

The potential of an exhibition concept

Museums and exhibition organizers are interested in evaluating, at an early stage, whether or not the ideas they have for developing an exhibition will be successful with their audience. In order to focus on the most successful approach and content, and thus high visitor numbers, it is important to present several different variants of the event to potential visitors during the concept phase. This will generate a clear picture of the approach that will most appeal to the intended target group, and how to best link the exhibition to current events.


Why is pre-testing exhibitions important?

Pre-testing clarifies how interested potential visitors are in the concepts presented to them, and what their preferences and expectations are in terms of content and form. It also tells you which aspects and approaches appeal to specific target groups, and which interests this is based on.


How does it work in practice?

Together with the client, we determine a customized research approach for each topic. The first phase often consists of a general and exploratory qualitative study. During group discussions, we ‘funnel’ the perception of ideas based on titles or themes and visual materials such as sketches, models, videos and mood boards. Phase two involves a quantitative assessment of the concepts with the most potential, conducted among a broad target group living in the service area around the relevant museum. This results in a concrete recommendation on the strategy to be pursued with respect to content, form and marketing communications.


How can an exhibition test benefit you?

  • The exhibition test can help you decide on the choice for a concept and/or the go/no-go decision.
  • You’ll gain insight into the appeal and intention on the part of potential visitors of the various concepts.
  • You’ll find out which approaches and ideas work with potential visitors, and acquire useful facts for the further development and concrete content of the exhibition.

An additional visitor survey, conducted during or just after the exhibition, can help you identify the actual perception and valuation of your event.

Would you like to know more about an exhibition test? Please reach out to us. 


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