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12 July 2016

What’s on a consumer’s mind?

In order to discover consumers’ true thoughts and perceptions, you would probably prefer to be able to look right into their heads. Motivaction has found a method that provides a glimpse inside consumers’ inner perceptions: InnerWorld. This sophisticated tool will provide you with the insights you need to truly set your brand and product range apart.


Why a new method?

Consumers’ decision-making behavior is an intangible factor. More and more scientific research shows that most decision-making behavior occurs subconsciously. High-quality research usually focuses on the conscious part of the consumer brain. This results in an incomplete image of consumer perceptions and motives.


How does Innerworld work?

InnerWorld works via guided relaxation and visualization exercises. A relaxed mind can access detailed memories, and reasons on the basis of ‘gut feelings’, which leads to honest and reliable responses. Closing one’s eyes results in a focus on the inner experience, and can generate rich insights, such as the most important emotions associated with a product or brand. Four to five respondents take part in an InnerWorld session, with one session lasting two hours. The sessions are led by moderators who have completed a special training program given by an expert from the United States.


How can InnerWorld benefit you?

InnerWorld leads to an understanding of consumers’ primary decision-making behavior and subconscious perceptions. InnerWorld therefore provides you with tools to create a unique brand positioning and product offering. Recent research conducted for an insurance company and other organizations confirms the depth of this method. Feelings of uncertainty experienced by consumers in taking out an insurance policy were never very clear or specific. The information acquired can now serve as a guideline used to determine the future of the product range, and the communication created by this supplier.   


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