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Customer panel

12 July 2016

Your customer as advisor

Consumers want to be able to give their opinion and vision about products and services in a modern way, and in their own words. A panel is a good tool for getting in contact with customers, and to allow them to make a contribution to ideas for developments and the optimization of products and services.


What is a customer panel?

A panel is a platform that offers organizations the possibility to enter into a dialog with customers. It is a place where customers can exchange solicited and unsolicited information, in exchange for which they may expect something in return, such as better service and a focused product offering. A customer panel is more than just a group of people who fill in pre-structured questionnaires at fixed times.


Having your own panel offers you the possibility to:

  • Have your target group complete online questionnaires
  • Obtain additional information from an online panel forum
  • Follow panel members’ Internet surfing behavior to, for example, acquire more insight into online purchasing patterns.


How does it work in practice?

As a research firm, we have the infrastructure at our disposal to facilitate the use of panels via the Internet. This provides our clients with the opportunity to conduct independent research using their own panel. From website to reports, and from programming to analysis: everything is linked together on a single platform. We can provide you with advice on the size of the panel, recruiting panel members, and the research questions to use. We can help you with training programs, technology and panel management. We can guarantee the quality of the panel through periodic ‘clean-up’ rounds, customer satisfaction studies, and monitoring to prevent fraudulent response behavior.


How can a customer panel help you?

With a customer panel, organizations can conduct their own research using their own customers, and acquire faster insight into the results. They can study issues such as satisfaction, product evaluation or image. Panels also give you the opportunity to develop a good connection with your customers.


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