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Communication Analytics: Effect-Measuring Media

12 July 2016

Together with Communication Analytics BV we have developed Communication Analytics. This Effect Measure Method clearly highlights the complex relationship between an organization’s media reach, campaigns, its effect on web and shop visits, the conversion rate and sales.

What’s special about Communication Analytics is that it proportionally measures the effect of media reach (total contacts per thousand). With our own software platform (ORCA) we connect all existing data from different sources with each other. 

How does Communication Analytics work?

It analyses the effectiveness of campaigns by connecting all available information, such as web traffic sales data, brand performance, communication impact and media broadcast schemes via the ORCA online platform. Using complex algorithms, every media piece is weighed by its share in web traffic, conversion and sales. As a result, Communication Analytics gives insight into:

  • The number of campaign visitors (those visitors activated by the campaign)
  • The net costs per campaign visitor (costs per week, channel, program and time)
  • The synergy between medium types: both online and offline media
  • Which part of the media budget is being used inefficiently (media waste)
  • The most optimal media mix (Flight X)
  • The effect of the quality of the creation and proposition on website traffic, store, conversion and sales


What does Communication Analytics offer you?

By using existing data, Communication Analytics allows us to answer questions such as:

  • Should I use a burst or drip campaign to get as many visitors as possible to my website?
  • Is it more effective to broadcast my TV commercials in the afternoon or evening?
  • What is the most ideal balance of BTL and ATL?
  • Which medium type offers optimal sales for me?
  • If I know that a (potential) customer visits my website 3 times before placing an order, which media mix ensures that that person visits the website at least 3 times?
  • Which media mix ensures an increase in my brand awareness and preference?
  • Which part of my media use can I reallocate, or cancel with help from the waste analysis?

An answer to these questions provides you with the insights needed to increase your return of investment with regards to media use.

Would you like to know more about Communication Analytics? Reach out to us through phone or email.




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