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Usage & Attitude Research: Identify the Growth Opportunities for Your Brand

12 July 2016

Our Usage & Attitude research allows you to let consumers assess your selected product or brand, improve what you offer and identify new opportunities for (re)positioning and innovation. You need this extensive knowledge about product use and perception to form the basis for any specific marketing plans you might have.


What are opportunities for your brand?

You want to know what behaviour your consumers engage in when they use your product. You also want information on how your brand is being perceived. Our researchers know how to extract this information. The results will give you input for your marketing plans, innovation/renovation and brand positioning. Additionally, as our Usage & Attitude research is quantitative by nature, we provide you with clear and figure-based results, showing where your biggest opportunities and challenges lie. Our Usage & Attitude can be conducted in several ways:


Online diaries
For this type of research, respondents are invited to keep a personal online dairy during an agreed period of time, concerning a specific subject. The design of the diary is tailor-made for that subject. The moderators of the research ask additional questions and provide the respondents with assignments.


Focus groups
If there is a need for more detailed insights into the underlying motives of the product and brand use, we advise you to use focus groups. Depending on your wants and needs, we can create diverse groups with a specific type of consumer. We can for example invite respondents based on user intensity, lifestyle and Mentality-profile.


Online questionnaires
In this type of research, all questions concerning behaviour and perceptions are accurately quantified and send to respondents in the form of an online questionnaire. Respondents are selected based on a representative random survey from our StemPunt-panel.


Mentality analysis
Our Mentality-model distinguishes eight social groups within Dutch society. These vary greatly from each other, but within each situation there are some similarities regarding lifestyle. The Mentality-model can be used for its explanatory power in many different sectors. With our extensive knowledge of all Mentality-profiles we can provide you with many answers regarding media use, spare time behaviour, most suitable tone-of-voice, ideal marketing campaigns and much more.


How does Usage & Attitude research work?

 You work together with our sector specialists and our in-house methodologists to decide which research method(s) should be used. A tailor-made questionnaire is then send out, or a focus group is created. All questions asked in a Usage & Attitude study concern the how, what, where, when and why of using a product or brand.


What does it offer you?

Our Usage & Attitude research, in connection with Mentality, offers the opportunity to translate clear results into comprehensive, practical strategies and implementable recommendations. This type of research can serve as an input for, among other things:

  • Strategic innovation
  • Brand and concept positioning
  • Annual and long-term marketing plans
  • Media plans (through data on media preferences, channels, titles)
  • Brand and shopper activation plans (based on hobbies, interests)



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