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Corporate Image Press Research

12 July 2016

The role of the media

The media plays an important role in an organization’s image, brands and products. The reports journalists publish about your organization depend on the facts, business relationships, and personal experiences with your organization. The manner and extent to which journalists place attention on your organization in trade publications, newspapers, radio and television and via online media play a part in determining the reality your company faces.


What is Corporate Image Press Research (CIPress)?

CIPress identifies how journalists view your organization and those of your competitors. In addition, this multi-client study gives you a better understanding of how your organization’s press policy is valued within its environment. A few of the aspects we look at are how journalists perceive your organization's strategy and vision, and how they value your press releases and relationship with public relations officials.


How does it work in practice?

In CIPress studies, we gather both qualitative and quantitative data. Motivaction conducts in-depth interviews with specialized journalists who regularly publish articles about your industry and the companies active within it. Before the interview, they fill in a quantitative questionnaire in which we measure several characteristics of your company. The qualitative interviews help clarify the underlying motives of the quantitative evaluations. Motivaction reports the results using texts and graphs, and enhances these with quotes about your organization. We compare the results with those of other organizations in your industry, which act as a benchmark.


How can CIPress benefit you?

The CIPress study shows you how much attention your organization receives from editorial offices compared with your competitors. This makes the image journalists have of your organization visible, and exposes the strengths and weaknesses of your media relationships. The study offers you concrete input you can use to demonstrably improve your relationships with the press and the image journalists have of your company. A repeat assessment is carried out every two years, allowing you to monitor your media relationship achievements over a longer period.


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