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Press and publication policy

15 November 2017

Motivaction International B.V. is regularly mentioned in the media. We have a number of conditions to using our name publications. Quality is a high priority for Motivaction. That is why we wish to be absolutely certain that research results which our name is connected to are correctly displayed and interpreted. This is according to our standpoint, also in the interest of our clients.


Conditions for stating the Motivaction International B.V. name

Stating the Motivaction International B.V. name in publications are connected to the following conditions:

  • The concept of the text to be published must be supplied to Motivaction in advance.
  • Our methodology and/or researchers and our editor will follow up the factual display of the research results and the possible interpretation of it.
  • Suggestions for possible adjustments are processed by the client in the text.
  • When client decides not to incorporate the suggestions for adjustments, the Motivaction International B.V. name must be removed from the text to be published.

 These conditions are also applicable on publication of research results in the case that Motivaction only carries out the field work/the data collection.


Copyright on research results and rights on research material

For the general regulation of (copy)right concerning research results and research material the associated right on publication, we refer you to article 9 of our supplying conditions, the “MOA General Conditions”.


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