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Collaboration partners and sponsoring Motivaction

10 September 2014

Motivaction works closely with:

  • Amsterdam Data Collective, full-stack data science agency
  • Blnkr, a concept by Practice Index and Motivaction enabling a better click between patient and healthcare provider.
  • Communication Analytics BV, media optimisation analyses by Communication Analytics.
  • EFMI Business School, academic knowledge institute for the food sector.
  • Flantic, develops websites for small companies, associations and individuals, among others.
  • GlobalNR, international research network.
  • Impact Matters, brings enthusiastic professionals and passionate idealistic organisations into contact with each other for professionalisation, knowledge sharing or a fresh outsider's view.
  • JINC Amsterdam, helping young people through on-the-job vocational orientation, learning (social) skills and entrepreneurship workshops.
  • Johan Cruyff Foundation: committed to moving young people forward through exercise.
  • Marketing Association Amsterdam, platform for students to help them develop and focus on their careers.
  • MeMo2, for outreach research of online campaigns.
  • SMA, the professional association for sales professionals at every level.
  • StakeholdersLab, specialising in financial and business services.
  • Underlined, CRM professionals and Customer Intelligence analysts.
  • Unipartners, combining academic knowledge with a practical and professional approach.
  •  Validators, for Facial Coding, Emotion Contribution test / Value Flow and Eyetracking.
  • WIN, international research network.
  • Zegwaart Consultancy, supports and advises pension funds with Pension Intelligence Partners. 


Motivaction sponsors:

  • Oxfam Novib, supporter microfinance Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs network.
  • Nursing Home Care 2025, Motivaction contributes to bundle Nursing Home Care 2025.
  • Rode kruis: committed to helping people in need and investing in innovative solutions to better prepare vulnerable communities for disasters.


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Collaboration partners and sponsoring Motivaction

Pieter Paul Verheggen
10 September 2014

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