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15 July 2016

There are over 90 (research) professionals at Motivaction who have a passion for what they do. We conduct research in almost all fields of expertise, from banking- and insurance companies to charities and governments. For all these fields we have in-house experts. People who work at Motivaction are always willing to share their knowledge, and when necessary help others with their development.

At Motivaction you can be yourself, find a research field that motivaties you or further specialize in your area of expertise. You can so do by for example following extra courses, working with junior- and senior colleagues or by developing a new initiative.

We are always willing to welcome people who are driven and enthousiastic and who can help us to create an even bigger impact for our clients. Do you have affinity with, or experience in, market research and marketing? Have a look at our vacancies.


What is working at Motivaction like?

“As a research and consultancy agency, Motivaction looks at the intrinsic values of people. We do not only do this in our researches, the company also sees what drives me. Thanks to the collaboration with senior researchers and training I have been able to take here, I have learned to use my personality to become the best professional with my own, genuine curiosity and critical attitude. Motivaction has an open company culture, where effort, will too succeed and energy is valued. I enjoy many chances to develop genuinely interesting propositions, carry out projects and to contribute to the development and growth of the company and clients.”

Researcher Motivaction

Unfortunately we currently do not have any open vacancies for non-Dutch speaking applicants. 



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