Communication & Branding: Improve Your Communication Strategy and Increase Your ROI

Effective communication with your customers is increasingly harder, as estimations suggest they are confronted with 100 to 5,000 advertisement messages every day. With an annual expenditure of six billion on media signals and an increase from the number of touchpoints and forms, it is becoming increasingly difficult for advertisers to effectively reach consumers in a cost-effective way. The brain can also only process a certain amount of information and convert these into action. We are happy to help you to sharpen your strategy in the area of communication and branding.

What does communication and branding research consist of?

With communication and branding research we use focused methods and techniques that help you optimize communication. Our wide range of expertise contains both qualitative as well as quantitative research, combined with neuro-research (Implicit Association Test, InnerWorld, Facial Coding, Eyetracking), where we collaborate with Validators.

Why communication and branding research?

Do you know what your advertisement investment actually offers in terms of conversion, website or store visit and sales? And how can you effectively approach and affect your target group effectively? Campaigns are expensive, certainly if they do not deliver the correct results. Focused market research can ensure that the desired results are achieved and the communication budget is more effectively used.

How does it work in practice?

There are different types of developments afoot with the aim of gaining increased grip in the emotions of consumers: What directly affects them to purchase the product or not and viewing the advertising campaigns? Technological developments make it possible to measure senses and emotions. By connecting the new methods with current qualitative and quantitative research methods we can explain subconscious patterns and links more effectively. 


What does it offer you?

  • Helps to increase the ROI of your media use.
  • Insight into the communication strength of your campaign (concept). 
  • Offers you specific tools for the necessary sharpening of your strategy.
  • The more effective deployment of your communication budget.
  • Achieving your communication objectives.

Approach communication and branding research

  • BrandScope: Measure “single source” to what extent your advertisements work and the effect they have on your brand.
  • Communication Analytics: effect-measuring media
  • Concept and pretest: from in-depth interviews with consumers we look at the extent to which your advertisement conveys the desired message.
  • Conjunct analysis: Market research into choice process of consumers and the properties that play a role with this.
  • Corporate Image and Performance Analysis: Insight into how internal and external target groups view your organization and how they value them.
  • Corporate Image Press research: highlights how journalists view your organization and your competition.
  • Eyetracking: gets more results from communication activities, shelf and packaging or makes visual behavior visible and transparent.
  • Facial coding: more effective communication thanks to insight into emotions.
  • Flash polls: Within 24 hours receive a reliable and accurate answer to your acute questions
  • Influencing behavior: which instruments are required to change the behavior of my target group?
  • InnerWorld: insight into the unconscious experience and associations surrounding product categories, brands and the decision-making behavior of your target group. 
  • Customer satisfaction research: Market research into the satisfaction and loyalty of your customers.
  • Magazine monitor: Insight into the readers profile and reading behavior of your (potential) reader.
  • Neuro marketing: Discover your consumers’ motives.
  • Post testing: Effect measuring of brand and creation. 
  • Stakeholder and reputation research: Discover how your stakeholders really view your company.
  • Value visualization: view all values from your target group instantly.

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