Communication & Branding: Improve Your Communication Strategy and Increase Your ROI

The challenge to reach potential customers keeps getting bigger. Consumers see thousands of ads each day. Only a fraction of those they remember. You need to communicate effectively to reach your target audience through all those other messages.

Once you reach your audience, the question remains whether your message had the effect you hope for. What does your online marketing strategy bring you when you look at website visitors or contact requests?

To be sure that you really reach your audience and motivate them to take action, you can no longer base your strategy on a gut feeling. With communication and branding research you create an effective communication strategy, (online) marketing strategy or public relations campaign based on data analysis to ensure your success.


Better results with customized market research 

With communication- and branding research you create a solid base for effectively communicating with your target audience, you get better results with your communication strategy and you use your budget as intended. Possible activities are:

  • Test whether a campaign works among your target audience before you go to market
  • Spread marketing messages about a new product through relevant channels
  • Uncover a brand- or product image at specific consumer groups
  • Create a strategy that matches your communication goals based on data


Conduct market research: which methods can you use?

To ensure that you get exactly the information you need to reach your communication and/or marketing goals, it is possible to choose from multiple research methods. At Motivaction we connect new methods with traditional types of quantitative and qualitative market research to map conscious and subconscious patterns and connections.


Approach communication and branding research

  • BrandScope: Measure “single source” to what extent your advertisements work and the effect they have on your brand
  • Concept and pretest: from in-depth interviews with consumers we look at the extent to which your advertisement conveys the desired message
  • Conjunct measuring: market research into how consumers choose products and the product properties that play a role with this
  • Corporate Image and Performance Analysis: insight into how internal and external target groups view your organisation and how they value them.
  • Corporate Image Press research: highlights how journalists view your organisation and your competition
  • Eyetracking: analyses eye movements to show you how you can optimalize the design and contents of print media
  • Influencing behaviour: which instruments are required to change the behaviour of my target group?
  • InnerWorld: insight into the subconscious experience and associations surrounding product categories, brands and the decision-making behaviour of your target group.
  • Customer satisfaction research: market research into the satisfaction and loyalty of your customers
  • Neuro marketing: discover your consumers’ motives by combining marketing knowledge with neuroscience
  • Stakeholder and reputation research: discover how your stakeholders really view your company.


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