Personas: knowing and understanding your customer

To know and understand ‘the customer’ is key for a successful organization. Do all your employees share the same image of that customer? Do they all understand what your customer finds most important? For a customer-focused organization to thrive, more than just ‘customer thinking’ is needed. The focus should be on customer acting. With the right application of customer-focused behaviour within all levels of the organization, you will notice a better performance.


What are personas?

Personas are custom-made customer profiles that bring the knowledge about your target audience to life. As a result, your customer is given a name, a face, hobbies, motives, desires and goals. Personas are a simple, yet powerful tool that make organizations more customer-focused. Personas ensure the ‘customer concept’ mirrors what the customer wants, and the model indicates how to approach and communicate with your customers.


How do personas work?

Personas are created based on available customer behaviour data. This data is extracted from our research results, sales figures and segmentation data. Additionally, we use several activities, such as training sessions, working with actors and developing posters, to apply personas in practice. This approach makes it fun to focus on your customers!


What does it offer you?

  • The same customer knowledge within all levels of the organization
  • A better understanding of the wishes and wants that customers have
  • A common language, resulting in effective and consistent communication and product development
  • Better customer service



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