Target Audience Analysis and Segmentation

You want your marketing and communication efforts to be as effective as possible. For optimal results it is important to highlight what you do, and for whom. Only a few propositions or communication strategies attract and reach every consumer. Target audience analysis is therefore an essential instrument for anyone looking for an indication of what your target audience is, what motivates consumers and how they can best be approached or convinced.  


Right choices and ROI

Determining and targeting the right audience is a difficult task. Most research agencies approach this challenge in a one-dimensional manner. Target audiences are described in terms of socio-demographic data or psychographic factors, for example. We go a step further by investigating what you wish to communicate as a company, what attracts your target audience, and how these two things correspond best. We approach these questions from various angles, and with this triangulation (or 360º) method we are able to identify the right fit, and assist you in making your communication efforts more efficient and effective. This benefits your return on investment.


How can target audiences be analyzed?

We use various tools to highlight target audiences in a multi-disciplinary way, and from various perspectives. By using different methods we signal the best chances for growth. We use both general and domain-specific instruments, for example:

  • Segmentation (demographic, psychographic, values)
  • Lifestyle
  • Visual value maps
  • Sensitivity for specific archetypes
  • Social-cultural undercurrents and trends
  • Media behaviour
  • Sustainability issues
  • Political preferences
  • Persuasion tactics


How can you benefit?

An overview of your target audience helps you focus on essential consumer incentives and profiles, which will make a difference for your organization or brand. A good target audience analysis also helps you respond more effectively to relevant touchpoints, while offering pointers that will enrich your brand stories. 


Target audience analysis research methods:

We have multiple target audience analysis tools available, to ensure that any question you have can be answered in the best possible way.

  • BusinessLocus: a focus on the drives and workstyles of entrepreneurs
  • Carementality: insights into the perceptions, needs and preferences of current and potential care clients and care employees when it comes to health, care and insurance
  • Citizenship styles: a look into the motivations and needs of citizens
  • Council and citizen panels: allows citizens and city council members to engage in meaningful discussion
  • Customer journey mapping: maps all touchpoints between you and your customer so you know where to improve
  • Digitality: unique insights into the drives and behaviour of the digital consumer
  • EthnoMarketing: an approach that focuses on the multicultural society and all those who live in it with a non-Dutch background
  • Glocalities: worldwide marketing intelligence based on connecting values, lifestyle and psychology
  • Management styles: insights into the leadership- and managementstyle that fit your organization
  • Mentality: a unique view of the motivators and lifestyles of your audience
  • Personas: brings target audiences to life with customized customer profiles
  • Segmentation research: helps you better reach target audiences by insights into their differences and similarities
  • Shopper Decision Journey: walks you through the customers' buying process
  • Vitality: unique profiles on the active (or not so active) lifestyles of your target audience


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