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Tapping into The Muslim Consumer Potential

01 August 2019

The Muslim population is the fastest-growing consumer group, estimated to be worth $2 trillion.

One in four people in the world is Muslim, it is the world's fastest-growing consumer group and estimated to be worth $2 trillion. But how much does the world really know about them?



"Many marketers are still in the dark about the potential of the Muslim market. Muslims will play an increasingly important role in the global marketplace especially due to the young age demographic and consumer spending as a result of their rising purchasing power," according to Martijn Lampert, research director of Glocalities.

The report "Tapping into the Muslim consumer potential" provides profound insights into one of the fastest growing sectors across the globe.

This is the first time such thorough insights are published. The research examined the typical values Muslims adhere to while also comparing Muslims in the West with Muslims from three major Muslim countries - Indonesia, Turkey and India. The survey revealed that Muslim consumers are eager to know the story behind products and brands before making their purchasing decisions. Innovative products and technologically advanced products are top of the agenda while saving instead of spending is the preferred outlook.

Martijn Lampert has presented the insights from this global survey in a seminar 'What Muslim Consumers Want,' at the Muslim Lifestyle Expo 2017 in Manchester UK.
For further information about this global survey, you can read the full press release here.


Why should you download this report? 

The fast-growing young Muslim population is a crucial driving force for the growth of many Islamic economy sectors, yet, many marketers in the Western world are still in the dark about the potential of the Muslim market. 

Most Millennial Marketers are failing because they are missing a deeper understanding of the differences between Muslim Millennial sub-groups.

If you want to avoid spending lots of time and money on campaigns that do not move your Muslim Millennial customers to take action, download the report now.

This flash report will show you:

  1. how enormously diverse Muslim Millennials are;
  2. how to create messaging that attracts Muslim Millennials;
  3. how to run successful campaigns.

Here's how you can create successful messaging for Muslim Millennials today:

  1. Sign up today;
  2. Receive the report;
  3. Read the report;
  4. Implement the advice.

The report will show you the potential of Muslim consumers and guide you with developing target audience specific campaigns to reach Muslim Millennials within and across countries.


Download the report here: Glocalities


Source: Glocalities, 17.04.2018


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