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Motivaction acquires Bureau RMC

27 June 2023

Research agency Motivaction acquires Bureau RMC, Retail Management Center. Bureau RMC is one of the most renowned consulting firms in the field of retail and services and has evolved into an expert in consumer mobility in recent years. They are the agency that maps visitor flows using the Citytraffic tooling. Additionally, they are the only party in the Netherlands that provides real-time insights into consumer mobility based on AI and machine learning. As a result, RMC's expertise is relevant for retail organizations, municipalities, real estate, and event organizers.

"The acquisition of Bureau RMC is a significant milestone for Motivaction," say Pieter Paul Verheggen, CEO of Motivaction, and Karel Slootman, Commercial Director of Motivaction. "We are excited to welcome the experienced team of RMC and add their valuable knowledge, shopper database, and experience to Motivaction's offerings. Together, we will provide even better advice and support to our clients in strengthening their relationships with visitors and attracting potential visitors. This collaboration will enhance our understanding of visitors in shopping streets and enable us to offer better advice to our clients on their communication approach."

Huib Lubbers, General Director of RMC, adds, "For RMC's clients, this means that they will find even more knowledge under the joint roof of Motivaction and RMC. Especially the combination of insights into Shopper Profiles and visitor flows is of great value to organizations in the mentioned sectors. Prediction becomes more important than looking back. Furthermore, with RMC's expertise in AI and machine learning, we can provide an additional boost to Motivaction's data analytics team."

RMC will move to the Marnixkade, where Motivaction is also located, on July 1st, and Huib Lubbers will remain connected to RMC as the director.


About Bureau RMC

Bureau RMC is a retail consulting firm specializing in visitor flows in shopping areas. For over 30 years, they have been working on future-proof stores and shopping areas. With their background in retail and their expertise in big data, they enhance the strategy of every store and shopping area. The team consists of experts in computer science, data science, and artificial intelligence. Combining this with retail knowledge in the food and non-food sectors and a focus on developing and optimizing visitor flows, RMC has a proven track record of supporting dozens of retailers and municipalities in achieving their goals.

Pieter Paul Verheggen

Functie Algemeen Directeur
Telefoon +31 (0)20 589 83 83

Karel Slootman

Functie Managing Partner
Telefoon +31 (0)20 589 83 83

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