Culture and Leisure

“Motivaction is accurate, listens to the customer and switches quickly. Both the proposal and the performance of the study, as well as the presentation of the results were very good and useful. We started working with them right away.” 
Dick de Jong, Manager Presentation & Collection at NEMO science museum in Amsterdam  

The cultural sector has a sharp focus on content and quality. This strong concentration on marketing and communication is necessary because museums, festivals and theatres are judged more critically based on of the number of visitors they have each year. Reaching a broad audience has become essential to justify the existence of cultural institutions.

We have extensive knowledge of, and a large network within, the cultural sector. We assist and advise cultural institutions in their efforts to further professionalize their organization, and to become more effective in their policies and marketing activities. Through research, marketing and communication insights, you are better positioned to use scarce resources effectively in your daily decision-making process.

We can help you answer questions such as:

  • Who is my target audience?
  • Am I attracting the visitors I want?
  • How can I estimate the success of a performance in advance?
  • How do I become relevant to a new target audience, such as young people or citizen with a non-Dutch background?
  • How can I reach individuals who are motivated by different factors than my target audience?
  • How and through which networks can I raise additional funds?


Factors for success in the leisure market

The leisure sector is very extensive. It encompasses diverse activities such as travel, sports, recreation, computer games, going out, dining out, camping and much more. What leisure is depends on individuals’ unique perception. To create these perceptions, you need to know what motivates consumers and what happens during their decision-making processes. By combining our extensive target group knowledge, we conduct image and positioning research for the leisure industry, and perform communication and product tests.

Would you like to know more about the research we conduct for the cultural sector and leisure industry? Please contact us.


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