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“Wij hadden 3 bureaus uitgenodigd en jullie focus op ‘sport’ gaf de doorslag en daar hebben we geen spijt van gehad, getuige de hoge kwaliteit van het onderzoek en de bruikbare inzichten.”
Kirsten de Klein, Communicatieadviseur Kenniscentrum Sport

Sports such as baseball, fitness and running, are all unique but also share one important thing: they help people to fill their lives with movement. But there is more to it than getting people off their couch, for you as a professional in this sector. How do you reach your target audience as a sport club, for example? How do you encourage a new group of people to join your sports association? And what is the best marketing strategy for your gym?

People differ enormously in their wishes and needs when it comes to sports. Market research helps you figure this out, find out who you can appeal to and how you can do this successfully.


Market research tailored to your needs

Market research in the sports sector provides insight into people's preferences, motives and behaviour in the field of nutrition and sport. This knowledge helps you to determine the following (and more):

  • Which marketing strategy you can use to get non-sporters enthusiastic about a sport
  • How current members view their sports club and what can be improved
  • What the wishes of trainers and coaches are around a digital training platform
  • Whether you as a gym should introduce a new tool that allows people to sign up for group lessons online


From campaign to concept

Motivaction does a lot of research in the sports sector. In order to understand (non-)athletes more precisely, we translated our Mentality model into Vitality in 2016. The Vitality model divides Dutch society into six groups based on attitude, behaviour and motivation concerning sport, health and vitality. In addition, we conduct research into:

  • Communication tests: To launch campaigns successfully, we test campaign concepts qualitatively among the intended target group and thus gain insight into the power of communication. We measure the impact, emotional value, understandability, credibility, relevance and strategic fit (does this support the strategic goals of your organization?) and give concrete advice on how the communication can be optimized.
  • Concept development: The sportsman's ever-changing needs continuously demand new concepts and ideas. By gaining sharp insights among your intended target group and testing concepts thoroughly and as concretely as possible, we contribute to the success of new sports concepts on the market. Examples are the development of a platform for trainers and coaches, new types of football practice for young people, women-only concepts or the optimization of an information website for cyclists.
  • Customer journey: What does the (ideal) customer journey look like for your athletes, whether professional of leisurely? Which relevant touch points are there and what optimizes their journey? This is what we do customer-journey research for. We have a lot of experience with various issues: which (latent) needs the target group has, why do sign up for a membership and which (sometimes unconscious) motives cause them to cancel their membership?
  • Target group thinking and personas: based on the Vitality-model we map relevant target groups. Our segmentations are value-driven: the motives to exercise and the wishes and needs regarding sports are the most important. This forms the basis for marketing and communication strategies, concept development, inflow and outflow optimisation and, for example, to provide trainers and coaches with better support.
  • Sponsor effect measurement: we measure the effectiveness of your sponsorship and help you to improve it further.

Want to know more? Please contact Karin Lammers for more information.


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