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29 April 2024

From our Marnixkade location, Motivaction conducts research around the world. With the Glocalities research program, we conduct online research in 62 countries into drivers of consumer and citizen behavior. And with the WIN and GlobalNR network, we can deploy local researchers worldwide to conduct qualitative research.

A good example of global research is the survey on gender equality, safety and violence against women conducted among nearly 35,000 people worldwide in late 2023 with the WIN network. The results show that there is much room for improvement in this area: for example, 46 percent of women worldwide do not feel safe walking the streets alone at night. The differences between different regions are huge: 64 percent of women in the Americas do not feel safe compared to 47 percent in Africa and 45 percent in Europe. But, in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), only 28 percent of women share this feeling.

It's not just about feeling unsafe, however: an increasing number of women worldwide (+4 percent since 2019) responded positively when asked if they had experienced any form of violence against them, amounting to 20 percent. And here again, there are large regional differences: in Africa, the number is particularly high, with 49 percent of women saying they had experienced some form of violence in the past year. Followed by the MENA region (27 percent) and the Americas (24 percent).

This is an alarming situation that requires attention and action to ensure safety and equality for women worldwide. With the Glocalities research program, we have zoomed in on men's perceptions and attitudes on this. Here, too, we see major differences, but mostly among men:

  • There is a group of confident, ambitious and compassionate men with few traditional ties who do not see women's advancement as a threat and think they should play an active role in it.
  • On the other hand, there is a much larger group of men who believe in the superiority of men but are themselves unsure of their own (leadership) qualities. It is difficult for them to imagine the struggles that women go through. This group of men is difficult to reach and often stands in the way of achieving gender equality. It turns out that this group is sensitive when addressed by other men!

With the Glocalities research program and the deployment of local researchers, Motivaction's research goes beyond borders! For more information on the above and other international research, contact Maaike Zijderveld () and Mash Muravina ().


Maaike Zijderveld

Functie Senior Sample Manager
Telefoon +31 (0)20 589 83 83

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