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Strong Value Differences in 20 Countries Concerning Sustainability

08 June 2017

The Glocalities model is based on the assumption that people's behavior and opinions are formed by value orientations that are deeply rooted in humans and society. Where behaviors and opinions tend to be erratic and variable, value orientations are more stable over a lifetime.


For the Glocalities project, Motivaction interviewed more than 48,000 respondents in 20 countries and 12 languages in December 2013 and January 2014. The research was conducted in America, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, Japan, China, South Korea, India, Russia, Turkey, South Africa, Italy, Poland, Germany, France, Spain, Belgium and the Netherlands.


This selection of countries comprises 58% of the world’s population and represents 75% of the global economy. The Glocalities model is based on values from everyday life. For more information, check the Infographic.


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Glocalities offers you the following:

  • Identify and understand target groups in each of the countries surveyed
  • Because the model is values-driven, Glocalities enables you to communicate effectively. After all, if you know the motivations of a person, you can appeal to him / her with arguments that matter to him / her.
  • Successfully adapt to trends in each of the countries
  • Understanding cultural differences and taking advantage of this
  • Optimal positioning of your brand or proposition
  • Realize effective change in the attitude and behavior of your target group.


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