Fast moving consumer goods

“Wij hebben samen een verpakkingsonderzoek uitgevoerd, dat was mijn eerste samenwerking met Motivaction. Gedurende het gehele traject werd ik bevestigd in mijn gevoel dat we voor de juiste partij hadden gekozen: flexibel, meedenkend, kundig, ervaren in FMCG en een prettig contact. Wat mij betreft is dit voor herhaling vatbaar.” 
Hanneke van den Bosch, Senior Marketing & Trade Marketing Manager Princes Foods

Brand manufacturers are engaged in a battle to gain the largest market share, shelf impact and attention from consumers both online and offline. As a result, retailers are introducing more and more competitive private-labels brands. Retail channels are also being used as media channels, broadcasting commercial messages more frequently. Whatever the channel, it is becoming more difficult and more costly to reach consumers.


Marketers focusing on consumer values

Nowadays, marketers have much less control over their brand. The ‘prosumer’ is on the rise: consumers acquire an increasing amount of influence. In addition, society is characterized by a great variety in lifestyles and ethnical backgrounds which impacts the effect a product can have. Intangible goods such as time, family life, excitement, creativity and health have become more valuable than products, and brands are being positioned more and more in line with these values.

All of these developments directly impact the FMCG market. There is a new playing field in retail that demands a clear strategy for the future, based on research.


Strategic consumer research

With our FMCG research we zoom in on consumers’ needs and preferences to know what motivates them, and to provide you with insights on what actions to take. We offer different kinds of consumer research:

  • InnerWorld allows you to gain insights into the consumers’ purchasing behaviour, which mostly occurs subconsciously.
  • Through qualitative research and virtual shopping, we generate concrete information you can use to optimize your product impact on store shelves.
  • Innovation and packaging studies help you make products as distinctive and attractive for consumers as possible.

All of our research is tailor-made to your needs and research questions. Reach out to us for more information.

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