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WorkLocus: knowing your employees

14 October 2016

Getting the best out of your employees

Knowing your employees, understanding them and offering them the best possible opportunities to develop is the key to a successful organization. Employees’ profiles and talent must also match the direction the organization would like to take as closely as possible.


Why segmentation?

It is not possible to ‘empower’ every employee in the same way. One employee might prefer regular working hours, whereas another might want more freedom. Learning styles and a willingness to change also vary from one employee to the next, just like their ways of working together. For example: do you know who gets along with whom so that the optimum degree of teamwork can be achieved? Why do my employees work here? What motivates them? More and more employers are becoming aware that ‘soft’ factors such as employees’ motives are key to achieving an optimum performance on the work floor. Segmentation based on these soft factors provides input for a target-group oriented and ‘customized’ HR policy within your organization that will help you achieve exactly that.


How does it work in practice?

Motivaction offers more than just an employee satisfaction survey. We map out the preferences and particularly the motives and ambitions of employees via a segmentation study. We then provide you with a detailed explanation of Motivaction’s WorkLocus model, using your problem or question as the point of departure.


How does the study benefit you?

Based on the results from WorkLocus, you will be able to translate the strategy into a concrete and appropriate HR policy, at a tactical and/or operational level. Motivaction will analyze the results and present you with recommendations in a number of areas including:

  • Retention and recruitment of (new) employees
  • Development and training of employees
  • Labor market communication
  • Employer image
  • Change management
  • So ask your staff to take the WorkLocus-test and find out which type of employee they are or do the WorkLocus-test yourself.


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WorkLocus: knowing your employees

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