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Mirror Review Magazine: Glocalities, one of the visionary leaders in the Market Research industry for 2021

06 December 2021

Glocalities team is delighted to announce that we have been decorated by the US business magazine Mirror Review as one of the visionary leaders in the market research industry for 2021. This is the second recognition Glocalities received this month, next to the preferred partner recognition from the Dutch Flower Group. Mirror Review magazine is a US-based business magazine platform of the modern era. More specifically, it is an open platform for technologists and business people who are interested in big data, Cloud, IoT, Mobility, Networking, Security, Software, and Virtualization.

Pieter Paul Verheggen, our CEO, was interviewed by the magazine and he stated that in order to establish a substantial impact for your client, you need a more holistic approach when it comes to insights analysis. The above statement precisely reflects our approach towards using the latest insights of behavioral psychology, cross-cultural values research, segmentation, and marketing research. By combining this information in a database that can be used through a SaaS solution, practical insights into the motivational drivers of target audiences are delivered while their lifestyles and experiences are unlocked on a deeper level. These insights can be directly used for marketing and communication campaigns.

This distinction proves our dedication to continuous development in the context of cross-cultural value research, profiling, behavioural psychology, and market research. We are proud to see our vision come to real life by accepting such a prominent recognition.




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