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The power of hard data and soft human knowledge

19 September 2023

Motivaction and Amsterdam Data Collective, ADC, have joined forces in a partnership. Motivaction is a leading market research agency known for the value- and motivation-based segmentation model Mentality. ADC is a data & AI Consultancy offering services to many industries, including the financial sector, public sector, and healthcare. With this partnership, they break the barriers between market research and data science in multidisciplinary teams to deliver the best and most actionable insights for organisations.

Both parties deal with data on a daily basis: ADC with organisations’ data and Motivaction with market research data. The connection between data, AI, and market research is hardly addressed in many organizations. By bridging these fields, Motivaction and ADC convert their data into business value for their clients.

“We are at home in the analysis and translation of survey data into solutions for customers. Therefore, ADC's experience and knowledge in the field of data science and data engineering will be a valuable addition to our expertise.” - Karel Slootman, Commercial Director of Motivaction.


What does this partnership bring?

Bridging the expertise of both parties provides richer insights. Gaining knowledge about people’s values and motives with the help of the Mentality model is the key strength of Motivaction. ADC then implements this information into organisations' systems and strategies. This increases customer knowledge, which has an impact on customer service and, as a result, on the relationship with the customer.

Ultimately, the customer experience improves when we merge our knowledge. In our collaboration, we make the insights and data predictable, imaginable, and usable. We bring in-depth insights from customers with the help of Mentality and data.”- Hans van Avendonk, ADC Country Lead, the Netherlands

By bringing 'the customer' to life in organisations, employees get a clear and understandable picture of the customers. This irrevocably helps to improve the connection and not only increases the trust, but also the loyalty of customers. Moreover, it contributes positively to the job satisfaction of employees. An employee who is better able to help or serve customers by using the insights that data brings, gets more satisfaction from work.


Are you interested in what this partnership can mean for your organization? Please contact Karel Slootman This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Hans van Avendonk This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Karel Slootman

Functie Managing Partner
Telefoon +31 (0)20 589 83 83

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