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Target group thinking

Your organisation achieves growth and success by tailoring the strategy to your target groups. We know which underlying motives, norms, and values explain their opinion and behaviour.

Your organisation can grow and achieve success by tailoring its communications, products or services to the target groups that matter to you. With our target group research, we go a step further than socio-demographic information and insight into behaviour. We know what drives people: which underlying claims, norms, and values explain their opinion and behaviour.

Motivaction's segmentation research makes it easier for you to fine-tune your product, service, or communication. In this type of research, we divide the market into different groups that are distinguished from each other on relevant aspects. The purpose of this is to classify respondents so that they are as similar as possible within the segments, while they differ as much as possible from each other between each group.

When segmenting, we often look at value orientation, but we can also zoom in on relevant characteristics such as cultural background, urbanity, sexual orientation, or gender identity. For example, when we look for people who live in rural areas, we also like to look for people with more traditional or progressive values.


What do you get 

  • Your products or services get a wider reach
  • You will see which target groups you are not yet reaching (blind spot)
  • You discover which target groups are not yet on your radar, but are already your customers
  • As an organisation you stay up-to-date about your target group and the changes within this group



Knowing and understanding your customer is key to a successful organisation. But do all employees have the same image of that customer? Does everyone understand what customers really care about? The critical success factor of a customer-oriented organisation is more than customer-oriented thinking. Customer service is crucial: the correct translation of customer-oriented behaviour in all facets of the organisation.

Personas are tailor-made customer profiles that bring knowledge about target groups 'to life' within the organisation. They gave a name and face to customers’ motives, desires, and goals in life. It is a simple, but very powerful tool to create a more customer-oriented organisation. Personas make customer-understanding tangible and indicate very concretely how you can approach your customers successfully.

What we do 

  • Use of personas ensures the same image of the customer throughout the whole organisation
  • Personas help to better understand wishes and problems of customers, resulting in higher customer satisfaction
  • Common language leads to effective and consistent communication, product development, and better service
  • Employees have more fun working with customers
  • Practice shows that sales growth of more than ten percent is possible through the use of personas


Customer journey

Your (potential) customers come into contact with your organisation in various ways. Your website, a newsletter, social media: all points of contact where things can go right or wrong.

With a customer journey we map all contact moments with your customer and look into possible points for improvement. You visualise the (purchasing) process from the customer's perspective and see where customer contact is realistic. An efficient way to optimise customer experience. And to get under the skin of your target group.

With a customer journey map you put your customer at the center. Do you want to know how we can help you with customer journey mapping and optimizing your customer experience? Get in touch with us.


Generation Z

For years millennials have been the main focus of marketers, policy makers, and employers. However, we can no longer ignore the new generation: Generation Z. It is the first generation that cannot imagine life without the internet and influencers. But are they all digitally literate, confident, and ready for the labor market or a study? Talk to Generation Z with our help.

Get to know this target group deeply. What motivations underlie the choices they make? Why do they find something good, or not important at all? Participation in this deep dive offers insight into a topic that is relevant to your organisation.


What do you get 

  • Direct insight into how Generation Z thinks, feels, and talks about topics you put forward
  • Inspiration for new propositions, innovations, or communications
  • In-context/in-the-moment footage from Gen Z's life
  • Authentic and fast responses to your ideas, questions, or proposals


Other expertises

Data and analytics

Our existing database contains a wealth of information that you can use to refine or adapt your policy and to gain insights into who your target group is.

Influencing Behaviour

Our experts offer concrete tools and tactics to steer the behaviour of your target group into the desired direction.

Target group thinking

Your organisation achieves growth and success by tailoring the strategy to your target groups. We know which underlying motives, norms, and values explain their opinion and behaviour.

Diversity and inclusion

Increase the reach and effect of your communication among specific target groups. Integrate the variety of backgrounds into your marketing strategy.
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