BrandScope: measure the effect of your advertisement

Many advertising messages do not achieve their intended goal. Either the message does not reach the right target groups or the message isn’t connected to your organization by the receiver.


What is BrandScope?

BrandScope is a sophisticated tracking tool developed by Motivaction. It uses single-source measurements to determine the effectiveness of your advertising messages, and what those ads to for your brand.

In short, BrandScope is used to measure:

  • The reach of your advertisements compared to those of your competitors
  • The effectiveness of the individual components of the campaign
  • The likeablity your campaign created
  • The impact of your campaign on your brand, customers’ purchasing behaviour and their loyalty


How does BrandScope work in practice?

BrandScope starts by asking the target audience to describe what they have heard or seen related to your organization and the messages you communicate. This allows us to identify the extent to which your advertising efforts stick in your target audience’s mind. We link this information to your brand values and communication strategy, and to those of your competitors. We also study the willingness to purchase your target audience has, as well as their loyalty to your brand, product and service.


What does it offer you?

Using BrandScope, you will gain an accurate image of what your communication efforts yield in terms of profit. By analysing the separate components of the campaign, you will quickly see whether changes in your campaigns or communication strategy achieve the desired results.

Would you like to know more about BrandScope? Please get in touch.


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