BrandScope: how your advertising works

Are your advertising Euros living up to your expectations?

Experience teaches us that many advertising messages do not achieve their intended goal: either the message does not reach the right target groups, or it is not linked to the sender, or it does not achieve the desired result.


What is BrandScope?

BrandScope is a sophisticated tracking tool from Motivaction that uses single-source measurements to determine how effective your advertising messages are and what they are doing for your brand.


BrandScope measures:

  • The effective and actual penetration of your advertising campaign and those of your competitors
  • The effectiveness of the individual components of your campaign
  • The likeability of your campaign
  • The influence of your campaign on your brand, purchasing behavior and loyalty.


How does it work in practice?

The heart of BrandScope lies in turning around the question that is traditionally asked: we ask the target group to describe what they have heard or seen involving the communication message and then we ask them who sent it. This allows us to identify to what extent your advertising efforts have actually stuck with your audience. We then link this to your brand values and communication values and those of your competitors, and to your target group’s willingness to purchase and their loyalty to your brand, product and/or service.


How can BrandScope benefit you?

BrandScope will give you an overall image of what your communication efforts actually yield. We analyze which parts and elements of your campaign are the most effective, giving you clarity on the exact effect the campaign has. Based on the analyses, you can streamline and optimize your campaign. Since BrandScope works on a continuous basis, you can quickly see whether or not the changes in the campaign are achieving the desired results.

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