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Influencing Behaviour

12 July 2016

How do you change or influence the behaviour of consumers or citizens? Strategists, marketers and policy makers often have a wish to have their target group make different choices than they do now. For example: buying more sustainable products, buying or using a product (more often), eating healthier, visiting a theater or gym more often or taking the bicycle more often instead of the car.

We have the knowledge, experience, and tools to guide and support your organization in this. We offer a fresh, creative, and behavioral scientific perspective. In recent years we have contributed to behavioral change programs for a wide range of governments, companies, and organizations.


What we do 

Motivaction supports governments, companies, and organizations with research for initiating behavioural change. We work on the basis of our behaviour influencing model BITE: Behavioural Impact Techniques. In this we have elaborated the most important behavioural determinants. We provide data-driven, validated and substantiated research. We are also familiar with other models and methodologies, such as the Behavior Change Wheel and CASI, which was developed especially for government communication. Depending on the needs of our clients, we choose the most suitable model.

Based on years of research, we have gained a lot of experience in influencing behaviour. We provide concrete advice that we can adapt to each target group. We provide a toolkit of behaviour change strategies and intervention tactics. These are linked to our target group model Mentality. This way we know for each target group which tactics stimulate them the most.


What do you get

A research programme at Motivaction brings everything you need to start behavioural change in your target group.

  • Behaviour analysis: insight into the current and desired behavior of your target group.
  • Identifying opportunities: insight into the factors that determine behaviour and which you then use to steer the behaviour in the desired direction.
  • Determining change strategies and interventions: advice on concrete tools and tactics to change behaviour, appropriate to the behaviour determinants. We have a toolkit available that can also be used specifically for target groups.
  • Testing and fine-tuning interventions: testing the (concepts of) interventions in order to optimize them. After the rollout: post-testing and evaluation: what could be improved?


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