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Market test

12 July 2016

Is there a market for your housing products?

The ageing of the population and population shrinkage are making it necessary for investors, real estate developers, housing cooperatives and municipalities to offer other types of housing products to the market. The market for the traditional offering of single-family homes and apartments often no longer meets demand. This new situation is accompanied by a great deal of risk: is there a sufficient market for the living environment we have set our sights on, and how should the concept be modified to best meet the needs of consumers? Motivaction has extensive experience in assessing regional visions for feasibility and appeal using the Mentality model.


Why is attention for consumers’ housing perceptions important?

In determining the target groups for a housing environment, socio-demographic parameters are used, such as household composition and income. Although this information is important, it does not explain why one family prefers an urban living environment while another chooses a more suburban area. Motivaction is the specialist in the Netherlands when it comes to insight into the manner in which consumers research their living environment. To do this, we use our own Mentality database, which we have been enriching with information on housing perceptions since 1997. What makes this database unique is that we link this information to the socio-demographic profile of consumers.


How does it work in practice?

Together with our clients, in a workshop environment, we create a textual and visual proposal for an area. We then take a sample from our online research panel relating to the market area around the location. In the questionnaire, we present the proposal and ask the participants for their opinion in order to determine which people accept the proposal with open arms (market potential). This market potential group is then asked additional questions involving factors such as their housing preferences, the demands they place on the environment requirements and price. This potential market is then subjected to an in-depth analysis in terms of socio-demographics and the Mentality lifestyle profile, housing preferences and financial resources.

How can a market test benefit you?

  • You will acquire insight into the size of the potential market for an area proposal, and into the profile of this potential market
  • You will acquire points of departure you can use for the housing program and the project phasing
  • Motivaction provides advice on the tone of voice and message to support sales and marketing activities which focus on promising target groups
  • A list of zip code areas with a higher-than-average number of potential buyers or tenants is also one of the possibilities





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