About Motivaction

Know what drives people

As an independent research and consultancy agency, Motivaction delivers you insights through research into values, motives and lifestyles of people and organizations. Since our foundation in 1984 we have tested ideas, innovation plans, products and policy on success, for the short and long term. We do this empirically, with a critical attitude and innovative research methods. Motivaction is a research agency that combines business interests, academic depth and societal motivations and translates them into specific opportunities.

Research agency with experience

Motivaction has 90 permanent staff members with almost 35 years of experience in many sectors. We combine our experience and expertise for, among other things:

• Quantitative and qualitative research
• Target audience and segmentation research
• Customer journey mapping
• Communication (neuro) research

Motivaction takes research and consultancy to a higher level

We look at your issues from a broad context and offer treatment perspectives that closely connect to market developments. In this way we can identify target groups, target them, activate them and bind them. We know what plays within your sector and offer you in-depth insights into groups of citizens and consumers, sharp analyses of the competition and input for your communication strategies.

Tailor-made market research

The majority of issues in the area of marketing, communication and policy demand more than a “standard” approach. We achieve impact in the research by involving you. We create a dedicated project team of researchers for you who will combine their expertise and knowledge of organizations and sectors to specialist research methods and marketing. In this way you profit from all the knowledge that we have at our disposal.

Motivaction is connected at various sector organizations in the area of market research and is a member of a number of international networks that offer certainty and reliability.



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