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Mobile questionnaire

12 July 2016

Ask your questions via a smartphone

Consumers with a smartphone in their pockets are constantly linked to the online world around them. In addition to making telephone calls, consumers also use their smartphones to share information. Target groups, including young people, are ever harder to reach via their PCs when it comes to research. Motivaction is also capable of having these target groups participate in research since we can reach respondents at the right time, and at relevant locations, via their smartphones.


What is the mobile questionnaire?

Using its own XS research environment, Motivaction can offer questionnaires on smartphones. It is also possible to offer the same questionnaire simultaneously on PCs. This combination of PC and smartphone ensures optimum reach of the various target groups within your sample. One of the applications available for questionnaires via smartphones is the mobile photo upload. Respondents are asked to take a photo, and to provide an explanation for the image. This application may be used for ethnographic research.


How does it work in practice?

The questionnaires are designed and presented in such a way that they are suitable for use on smartphones. Motivaction has the knowledge and experience necessary to do this as effectively as possible. The mobile questionnaire may be used for various sources of respondents:

  • Motivaction’s StemPunt panel.
  • Your own customer (or other) database or panel. If you have a list of e-mail addresses and mobile contact details, we can approach respondents by e-mail and text message.
  • Using a QR (Quick Response) code; this bar code may be printed on direct mail documents and flyers, and on posters. After scanning the QR code, respondents will be connected directly to the questionnaire. This method is extremely suitable for research on location, for example during exhibitions and festivals.


How can a mobile questionnaire benefit you?

  • By using a mobile questionnaire you will be able to reach respondents at the right time, and at the right location.
  • Both easy and hard-to-reach target groups will have access to your questionnaire.
  • Using the QR code, visitors to events will be able to evaluate your event, right at the location.
  • By addressing respondents using the mobile photo upload function, they can offer you surprising textual and visual insights.


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