International research networks

High quality international research requires a specific set of skills and knowledge. It is important to guarantee the comparability of the research results from multiple and diverse countries. This requires relevant knowledge of the local market, as well as awareness of the significance of the results at a local level. Thanks to the expertise of our partners we are able to take the local differences into account and put these into perspective.

Our local researchers are aware of the local circumstances. They know which research method works best, and which questions should be avoided among other things. Their practical knowledge on local situations ensures that local traditions and laws are respected, that an efficient and useful study is conducted for a reasonable price and within the designated time frame.  


Our partners

We are connected to the GlobalNR and WIN-Gallup international research networks to assure our clients of relevant and reliable international research. In addition, Motivaction is connected to a number of global organizations, including:

  • ESOMAR: the world organization of market researchers
  • WAPOR: the World Association of Public Opinion Research
  • AIMRI: Alliance of International Market Research Institutes

Because no database is large enough to answer all research questions, Motivaction combines the  strengths of various online B2C and B2B panels for international research. To guarantee reliable and representative output from these panels, they are constantly being developed and are only used for market research.



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